In 2015:

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Special Guests, Studio Cosplay- TinyCon is excited to announce our special guests, Studio Cosplay. Studio Cosplay is a maker space just for cosplayers, opening soon in Silver Spring, Maryland. An energetic group of cosplayers and a successful Kickstarter brought this idea to fruition. “The idea for Studio Cosplay originated from our own need for more workspace anstudio cosplayd specialized equipment, and we recognize that many in the cosplay community face the same challenges. The average cosplayer may not have access to embroidery machines and 3D
printers. But as a community, we can acquire and share these resources.”


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Makersmiths- Makersmiths is a membership-based non-profit organization of makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, geeks, artists, thinkers, tinkers, DIY-ers, engineers and some normal people. Their goal is to share knowledge, equipment and resources to promote and enable the maker movement in Loudoun County and beyond.

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Looney Labs- Makers of Fluxx and Chrononauts will be doing game demonstrations this year at TinyCon. Come by and play!


Build a Game! Game-heads Domenico Vigliotti and Christopher Vigliotti invite you to sit down and collaborate with them on a card game. We will have a basic mechanic and a theme worked out, you will contribute your awesome art and ideas, and we will play test the game at TinyCon! Print-your-own copies of the game will be available for download shortly after the convention.