Panels, Workshops, Contests

2015 TinyCon

Modeling Panel- When you work hard on a cosplay, you want to document it. Come learn the best ways to model and photograph your cosplay! Rona York and Chip York will discuss posing, lighting, environment, and even more!

Level Up Your Cosplay Panel- Come join our Special Guests, Studio Cosplay, for tips and tricks to take your cosplay to the next level! Learn about thermoplastics, 3D printing, adapting found objects, pattern making, low budget cosplay, and more.

Comics and Manga Panel- Whether you read webcomics, manga, Marvel and DC, graphic novels, or indie comics, this panel is for you. Come discuss favorites, trends, and discover new interests.

Candy Sushi Workshop- What’s better than raw fish? Candy, of course! Learn to make candy sushi, also known as Peepshi in this hands-on, eat-what-you-make workshop with Rona York. $8 materials fee.

Lunch- Bring your own, or order pizza at Registration by 12:30, and we’ll have it delivered to the Con about 2pm.

Open Photography- Chip York Photography offers a free photo session for all attendees. Photo booth will be open from 11 to 2. At 2 o’clock, join in the TinyCon group photo!


Winners of last years Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Contest- Show off your best effort, whether experienced or new to the hobby! Competition starts at 4:00

Skit Competition- Amuse your friends! Try out your skills! Grab a team and plan a skit, or just step up with some improv.

Ongoing Awesomeness:

Build a Game – Game-heads Domenico Vigliotti and Christopher Vigliotti invite you to sit down and collaborate with them on a card game. We will have a basic mechanic and a theme worked out, you will contribute your awesome art and ideas, and we will play test the game at TinyCon! Print-your-own copies of the game will be available for download shortly after the convention.

Try a GameLooney Labs- Makers of Fluxx and Chrononauts will be doing game demonstrations this year at TinyCon. Come by and play! 

Makersmiths– Loudoun County’s own innovation forge will be on hand to demonstrate 3-D printing and how to build your own cosplay bits and props with this technology. (Don’t have a 3-D printer? Join Makersmiths or visit Gum Spring Library MILL.) Makersmiths is a membership-based non-profit organization of makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, geeks, artists, thinkers, tinkers, DIY-ers, engineers and some normal people. Their goal is to share knowledge, equipment and resources to promote and enable the maker movement in Loudoun County and beyond.